"A Scotland golf vacation is every golfer's dream"

For many golfers, a Scotland golf vacation is a dream come true. Just imagine: the "Home of Golf" has more than 540 golf courses, offering ideal conditions for a Scotland golf vacation that will stick in your mind for years to come. Many of them are known internationally – you've probably heard of Scottish links courses with revered names like St Andrews Old Course, Carnoustie, Turnberry Ailsa, Old Prestwick, Royal Troon, Muirfield or Royal Dornoch, and inland courses such as those at the world-famous Gleneagles, which actually boasts three.

There are many more Scottish golf courses, however, that are not so well known, but equally of excellent quality, often of historical significance and championship standing. While specialist travel companies offering Scotland golf vacation packages tend to concentrate on a handful of the big names – primarily Royal Troon, Turnberry Ailsa, Old Prestwick, Carnoustie, Gleneagles and naturally St Andrews – if you are planning your own Scotland golf tour you will find a host of affordable alternatives with that unique feel to them you can only experience in the land where the game was invented. In fact, 99% of Scottish golf courses are open to the general public, and even Open venues can be played if you have arranged a booking in advance.

In "The Home of Golf" you're never far from an opportunity to play your favorite game

In Scotland you are never far from a golf course – in fact I live only about a hundred and fifty yards from one "as the crow flies", the 9 hole Wigtown and Bladnoch Golf Course. (It is located between "Scotland's National Booktown" and the country's southernmost whisky distillery, Bladnoch, on the banks of the popular fly fishing river of the same name.) And the great thing, particularly with these smaller local courses, is that you will always be given a warm welcome from the first to the ninth or 18th hole, and of course at the "19th hole" (in some cases the "10th"), in the clubroom. It is that friendly reception in particular that makes a Scotland golf vacation a special experience you'll cherish long after you get back home.

In terms of golf, Scotland is divided into six different regions:

  • Highlands & Islands

  • North East Region

  • Heartlands Region

  • Central Region

  • South East Region

  • South West Region

    Each of these regions has its own special qualities and a mixture of "famous name" courses and insider secrets just waiting to be discovered. And almost all of them offer a range of golf passes that allow you to play to your heart's content at very affordable rates.

    Golfing the night away... in Orkney a mid-summer tournament tees off at midnight

    In Scotland, the golfing season begins in early April and continues through to mid-October, although thanks to their location on the coast with its drier climate, links courses can usually be played all year round.

    The long hours of daylight that Scotland enjoys in summer thanks to its northern location are an added bonus: in the earlier part of the summer, from about late May to early July, it is light at 4 a.m. already, and even through to early September it starts to get light at around 5 a.m.

    It does not get dark until around 10 p.m, so you can still go out for a round after an early dinner! Most golf courses are open between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., and in Orkney in the far north there is even a mid-summer tournament that tees off at midnight....

    Imagine taking a Scotland golf trip and playing the same courses as pros like Tiger Woods, Sam Torrance or Colin Montgomerie. Better still, picture yourself leisurely ticking off on your list the many Scottish golf course gems that the pros will never have time for! When you pick up my Scotland Golf Vacation Secret at the bottom of this page you'll be able to do just that – leisurely select the regions and courses that appeal to you most and plan your Scotland golf vacation à la carte to suit your tastes and your budget.

    Of course, if you'd rather have it all taken care of for you, so all the planning you'll have to do is decide between a wood and an iron, I'll let you in on another little secret or two, specialist golf tour operators who have built themselves a reputation for delivering the perfect Scotland golf vacation experience.

    And of course, if you time it right, you can combine your own golfing pleasure with a chance to watch the pros in action at one of the major golf events that take place in Scotland every year. Come back to this page regularly and check for current details of Professional Events, Amateur Events, Golf Weeks and Golf Classics in Scotland.

    "I'll let you in on a Scotland golf vacation secret..."

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