"Where can I find the best airfare to Scotland?"

"Airfare to Scotland?" you ask. Probably, where to find the best airfare to Scotland is one of the questions that is uppermost in your mind when planning, or even considering planning, a trip to the land of Wallace, Burns and Rob Roy MacGregor.

In that you are most certainly not alone, in particular as there is an infuriatingly complex offering of combinations that sometimes make it difficult to compare one airfare with another.

And because most everyone has a different starting point, and – unless following a cookie cut itinerary on arrival – different plans for the actual visit itself, this will also have an effect on the options available to you, and which ones make sense for your particular situation.

Of course you could do it the hard way – go to the websites of the main Scottish international airports, or even other British or continental European airports, check out which airlines serve those airports from cities relevant to you (and also from your chosen Scottish airports if you plan to fly via e.g. London, Paris, Amsterdam etc.).

You could then go to each appropriate airline's website to search for an airfare to Scotland – whereby each one may have several – and then compare them all.

Whew – that sounds like hard work!

I know what I would do if I were you.

I'd go to a website like tripadvisor.com, viator.com or travelnow.com and see what options they have to find the best airfare for your plans and your budget.

I would also recommend using one of these travel portals to book your air travel to Scotland, as in my experience (and I have spent some years working with airlines in the past) they will give you a better deal than if you book directly through the airline.

You will probably also find that you can book at least part of accommodation (e.g. for the first and last night of your visit, in some cases more), and probably also get a good deal on a rental car, train ticket or rail pass, or a bus tour if that is more in your line.

These websites have the advantage that their computers have access to thousands of different options they can combine to present you with a relevant choice of airfare to Scotland for your vacation.

So I recommend you check out tripadvisor.com, viator.com or travelnow.com to find your ideal airfare to Scotland.

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